Academic Programme: Humanities

Subjects Offered:

Level Subjects
Lower Secondary
  • Geography
  • History
  • Malay Special Programme
  • Conversational Malay Programme
Upper Secondary
  • Geography
  • History
  • Humanities (Social Studies, Geography Elective/ History Elective)
  • Malay Special Programme

Learning Programmes:

Name of Learning Programme Level Description of Learning Programme
Geographical Investigation & Historical Investigation Secondary 1 and 2

Geographical Investigation (GI) and Historical Investigation (HI) are two forms of inquiry where students investigate a geographical and historical issue. GI and HI provides students with opportunities to appreciate the real-world application of geographical and historical knowledge and skills, as well as help them to acquire the 21st Century Competencies.

Issue Investigation (Social Studies)  Secondary 3

Issue Investigation (II) provides a platform for students to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and values needed for active citizenship. The skill sets developed through II is closely related to the skill sets developed through GI and HI at lower secondary. This will also help students to see the relationship between the different Humanities subjects and appreciate the skill sets developed through the disciplines which would contribute towards their development as informed, concerned and participative citizens.

Conversational Malay Programme (CMP) Secondary 1 and 2

This programme aims to strengthen social cohesion among the different races in Singapore and to equip students with a foundational grasp in the respective languages which enables them to engage their counterparts in the region. It will also help students to enhance rapport with their friends of different races in the community.

CMP is conducted fortnightly during curriculum hours for all students in Chung Cheng. Students will also be exposed to the culture of the Malays throughout their CMP curriculum in order to enrich their learning of the language.