Academic Programme: Design & Technology

Subjects Offered:

Level Subjects
Lower Secondary
  • Design & Technology

Learning Programmes:

Name of Learning Programme Level Description of Learning Programme
Project-based Learning Secondary 1 and 2

Students will engage in an iterative process of design making, and develop a ‘design thinking’ mindset as they problem-solve within a variety of design contexts of progressive demands.

Students will also develop critical and creative thinking to conceptualise and generate imaginative ideas, in response to practical needs in problem situations.

The setup of an educational Makerspace will provide an immersive learning opportunity for hands-on tinkering and experimental play. Students will tinker and create, as they apply a repertoire of knowledge, understanding and practical skills to manipulate a range of materials, tools and equipment, processes and basic technology to turn ideas into reality.

Digital Technology Secondary 1 and 2

Students will learn to develop visual-spatial thinking and creativity using computer-aided design softwares to create 3-dimensional models.

Students will also learn and apply coding skills to program codeable devices to develop logical thinking.