The Alumni Committee oversees the planning and administration of activities to engage the alumni. The main objective is to sustain a committed, strong relationship with the alumni to reinforce a sense of school spirit, which can produce holistic and positive experiences for our students.

Strong alumni are an asset to schools. They nurture the school spirit, foster a sense of pride for the school, enhance the school reputation and preserve school traditions. These intangible but fundamental aspects of a school contribute to the formation of a schools’ identity. As such, a strong alumni can foster this growth.

To achieve this, the members of the alumni committee have the following duties:

  • Participate faithfully and consistently in alumni EXCO meetings, functions and events;
  • Participate actively in planning long term programmes strategically to promote alumni awareness, engagement and commitment to the school;
  • Enthusiastically communicate the mission and purpose of the alumni association to the wider alumni population;
  • Support a strong relationship between the alumni, youth alumni and current students by providing opportunities/ platforms for them to interact with each other;
  • Serve actively and remain aware about how both the alumni and the school can collaborate in events and programmes to enhance the experiences of the students;
  • Monitor and recognize alumni who have shown their commitments, loyalty, achievement s and community services;
  • Develop strong working relationships with alumni EXCO members;
  • Promote the school and alumni association, whenever the opportunity arises.

For more information, please click on the link to the Alumni website.