English Language and Literature

Academic Programme: English Language and Literature

Subjects Offered:

Level Subjects
Lower Secondary
  • English Language
  • Literature in English
Upper Secondary
  • English Language
  • Literature in English Humanities (Literature)

Learning Programmes:

Name of Learning Programme Level Description of Learning Programme
Oral Communication Programme Secondary 1

Oral Communication Programme offers an interactive and activity-based learning experience which is aimed at developing the verbal and non-verbal communication skills of all students in the school using English Language so as to enable them to communicate verbally with confidence and clarity.

Through the programme, students are offered the opportunity to develop further whereby they get to present before a large audience in school. Students who show keen interest are given the chance to take part in national competitions and ad-hoc courses at Secondary 2.

Authentic Project Work (Literature in English) Secondary 1 and 2

Authentic Project Work is implemented at Secondary 1 and 2 whereby students demonstrate their understanding through the authentic tasks assigned to them. By collaborating with their classmates to produce posters, tableau and write-ups, students learn to apply their knowledge beyond the classrooms and this also deepens their understanding of the set text and hones their critical thinking skills through perspective-taking activities.