Academic Programme: Art

Subjects Offered:

Level Subjects
Lower Secondary
  • General Art Programme
  • Art Special Programme
Upper Secondary
  • Art
  • Higher Art

Learning Programmes:

Name of Learning Programme Level Description of Learning Programme
General Art Programme (GAP) Secondary 1 and 2

GAP enables every child to be visually literate and appreciate art. Students are provided with opportunities to observe their environment, generate ideas, create artworks, discuss about art and value the role of art and culture in society.

The programmes covers ceramics, western painting and art appreciation. Through hands-on sessions, one-to-one consultations, presentations, school and external gallery visits, students are able to experience art learning and art making through various platforms of explorations,  discovery and sharing.

Art Special Programme (ASP)  Secondary 1 and 2

The Art Special Programme aims to provide greater opportunities for students with a keen interest, disposition and ability in the visual arts to develop their creative and artistic talents. Modules offered include: Modelling Doodling and Sand Animation Art.

Through these modules, students are exposed to innovative art media, creative processes and practices. The programme also showcases students’ talents and artworks through exhibitions and presentations to equip students with the interest, competencies and skills to pursue art, design and media at post-secondary levels

Art and Higher Art Secondary 3 and 4

Art students undergo two components which are Studio Practice and the Study of Visual Arts (SOVA). These two areas enable students to attain a more holistic understanding through learning about different aspects of artworks, and in making art. Students offering Higher Art will be prepared in Visual Art Task (VAT) as one of the components in the GCE O-Level Art Examination. Students will apply art skills and knowledge to solve visual arts problems such as a simulated scenario akin to those encountered by a visual arts practitioner. Through this, students will acquire process skills of task analysis, solution generation and evaluation in problem solving.