Music Special Programme & Enhanced Music Programme

The Music Special Programme (MuSP) seeks to develop Sec One & Two students’ passion in music. Students are immersed in an enriched musical environment comprising weekly music lessons, music-making activities and opportunities to perform when they participate in music CCAs. Most MuSP students will continue their study of the subject at the O-Level by joining the Enhanced Music Programme. More information for both programmes is found in the enclosed brochure.

Parents who are interested in enrolling their child in MuSP should take note of the following:

On your child’s posting to Chung Cheng High School (Main), your child will receive an information sheet with instructions on how to join the MuSP during the Sec One Registration Exercise.

MuSP students and non-MuSP students with passion in music are encouraged to join the Enhanced Music Programme in Sec Three. You may also visit the MOE website:

If you have any query on our music programmes, you may direct your email to .  Please leave your name and contact number in your email.