Family Matters at School (FMS)


Recognising the importance of a holistic family learning model and the potentials of promoting affirmative family values in the school environment, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) initiates FamilyMatters@Schools as a movement to give a greater push to family life education and promotion efforts within the family and in school.

Community Partnership

Family Matters At School 1

  • Equip parents with the skills and knowledge to enrich and strengthen their family life; and foster better parent-child understanding and relationship;
  • Equip students with life skills; skills to build healthy relationships with their peers and family; and/or imbue positive values and attitudes towards family, relationships and life in general.

CCHMS FamilyMatters@School Programme includes activities organised by the Fathers@CCHMS and the Family Life Education (FLE) workshops. The FLE workshops for parents are conducted in both English and Mandarin by external vendors on a regular basis. Details of the workshops can be found in the sub-section “Information on FLE Workshops” below.

The Family Life Education workshops have been successful in enhancing the quality of family life for parents, students, teachers and other school staff.

Family Matters At School 2

Positive feedback from participants at one of the workshops:

“This seminar has highlighted the importance to set the first step right to manage differences. Very enriching.”

“I understand how to manage differences between couple and have better family relationship.”
”I love the part on ‘Identify my Anger Cue and Styles’.”

“To engage, connect, motivate our teens are ways to be effective parent. A very useful framework. I am keen to learn more and be Parent-Facilitator.”

“Very good session for interaction and sharing. Able to learn more. Keep it up. Look forward to more sessions.”

“Great Session; speaker is able to link real life experiences to the subject.”