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Music Special Programme & Enhanced Music Programme

The Music Special Programme seeks to develop students’ passion in music. Students are immersed in an enriched musical environment comprising weekly music lessons, music-making activities and performance opportunities in the participation in music CCAs. Most MUSP students will continue their study of the subject at the O levels by joining the Enhanced Music Programme. More detailed information for both programmes is found in the brochure

Parents who are interested in enrolling their son/daughter in the Music Special Programme should take note: following the confirmation of a place in Chung Cheng, during the Secondary One registration exercise, your child will be given an opt-in form for the Music Special Programme. To join the programme, he/she will need to submit the opt-in form together with the necessary documents to his/her teacher. 

The pre-requisites for joining the Music Special Programme are: students should have at least a pass in Practical Grade 3 and/or Theory/Practical Musicianship Grade 3 of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), or the equivalent standard from other UK examination boards. For students without the above, they can still apply but will be required to take a simple music selection test.  

Queries on Chung Cheng’s music programmes can be directed to cchms@moe.edu.sg .  Please leave your contact number in your email.