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Malay Special Programme

  1. Chung Cheng High School (Main) offers Malay Special Programme (MSP) to interested students at Secondary One   as long as   they   have not offered Higher Malay/ Malay as their MTL at PSLE. These students will sit for the GCE “O” Level Examination when they are in Secondary 4. A pupil who passes MSP   at the GCE ‘O’ Level Examination and who qualifies for admission to a JC/MI will be given a concession of two points in his application to the JC/MI of his choice. 

  2. A pupil who offers MSP in the GCE ‘O’ Level Examination will be allowed to use the MSP   grade in lieu of a Humanities subject grade for admission to the JC/MI

The students learn about the Malay culture to develop an understanding and appreciation towards   both the language and the culture. At the end of four years, students will be able to listen, speak, read, write and   interact orally on simple topics such as ownself, society and country. The school has collaborated with the Malay Heritage   Centre  since  2014 in training MSP 1 students as guides at the Centre.  The learning and thinking process is no longer limited to the classroom as students apply their oratorical skills in public as well. This rich learning experience will help students to acquire the 21st Century Competencies and skills, namely Civic literacy, Global Awareness and Cross-Cultural Skills; Critical  and Inventive Thinking; and Communication, Collaboration and Information Skills.