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Harvard Pre-collegiate Programme

2015 Harvard Pre-collegiate Programme

This year, two students from CCHMS embarked on a 3-week pre-collegiate programme in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) at Harvard University. This prestigious programme offers high school participants a fascinating glimpse of the modern undergraduate education in engineering sciences at Harvard. Participants were challenged to collaborate with teammates from diverse backgrounds, think creatively and critically, and communicate their ideas with clarity and confidence. Here is what the participants have to say about this programme.

From the students

From Lim Yong Shan, 4LY

The highlight of the programme for me was the Solar Car Challenge, in which groups designed, built and raced our own solar cars! I benefited a lot from the Challenge as we practiced the process of design thinking like real engineers at work. I was so proud when my solar car finished the race. Apart from the exciting activities, I also had the opportunity to interact with the coursemates from Paris, Chongqing, Taiwan and Shanghai, learning about their cultures as well as the different education systems in their countries. This programme has broadened my perspective and equipped me with many essential skills such as teamwork and communication. 


From Wong Jun Yao, 3DL
Throughout the programme, we worked closely with peers from different countries and also had the privilege to learn from many professors and engineers from SEAS. A talented historian and mathematician, the Dean of SEAS shared his life journey of beginning as someone interested in history, then championing product innovations at several big technology companies. His team was one of the first to conceptualise and manufacture cell phone cameras that we cannot live without today. I learnt that life can be very unpredictable. We need to be brave and creative to take on the challenges in our stride and turn them into learning opportunities.