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What does the programme cover ?

The programme covers music history, listening skills, music composition, and the study of music from traditions of various countries.

More detailed information on the topics and requirements of the O level syllabus can be found at SEAB website: http://www.seab.gov.sg/

Assessment is by tests, practical examinations and listening examinations.


Subject Teachers

Ang Weili Michelle (Ms) 

Fu Chunyu Esther (Ms)
Hoe Jun Jin Junie (Ms) 
S N Muraledharan Nairu (Mr)
Wong Ching-Yi Chesed (Ms) / HOD Aesthetics


For FAQs, please refer to MUSP/EMP section in the school website.
Please feel free to contact the Music Department should you have any queries.

Chung Cheng High School (Main)
50 Goodman Road Singapore 439012

Tel: 63441393 , Fax: 63449686

Examination Schedule

O level Music/Higher Music examinations will begin in Semester 2 of the Sec 4 year. The schedule is as follows:

July - SeptMusic coursework (Composition)
Sept / OctPerforming examinations
Oct / Nov  Listening Studies (Listening examination)

O level Music / Higher Music

All music students take an 8-subject combination in Chung Cheng. Higher Music is offered to students who are able to perform well and cope with their academic load. To offer Higher Music, students will need to offer an Additional study – tasks that are over and above what is required in the subject O level Music. These tasks may include an essay, composition tasks or performing.

At the end of the Sec 3 year, students will decide in consultation with music teachers and parents regarding the decision to take Music or Higher Music at the O level examination.

In the calculation of the L1R5 score in the O level examination, students should note that Higher Music can be considered in lieu of a Humanities subject. Music is considered under the calculation for R4 or R5. Detailed information on aggregate computation can be found in the JAE booklet at the MOE website.