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Confident Thinkers, Independent Learners, Active Contributors.


Teaching and Learning

The department aims to develop in students a positive attitude towards Mathematics and cultivate analytical and inquisitive minds. We seek to equip our students with problem-solving skills and nurture their ability in reasoning and communicating logically to solve real-world problems. 

Aligning with the focus of developing students’ 21st century competencies skills, meaningful learning experiences are created for the teaching and learning of Mathematics. These learning experiences aim to support development of the Mathematical concepts in students and allow opportunities for investigation or further exploration. 

Students are provided opportunities for independent learning with the use of the e-learning portal, enabling them to utilise technology for self-directed learning. Lower Secondary students engage in online forum discussion on selected topics, where students can articulate and exchange their Mathematical ideas. This aims to enable our students to gain a deeper understanding of these topics.         
To strengthen problem-solving skills applied to real-world problems, students have opportunities to work collaboratively in groups on a Mathematical Modelling (MM) project that links Mathematics concepts to a real-world problem. Using the 4-step MM cycle, students develop critical and inventive thinking to relate a real-world problem using Mathematics in order to devise a solution. Students present their solutions and exchange Mathematical ideas with their peers.

Talent Development Programme

The department provides various enrichment opportunities in its Talent Development Programme for students who show interest and strong ability in Mathematics. These cover Topics such as Mathematical Puzzles, Logic Problems, Number Patterns, Modula Origami, Mathematics in Puzzles and Art are covered in the programme.