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Design & Technology

To nurture creative students and develop a ‘design thinking’ mindset in them, the Design & Technology department (D&T) strives to deliver a programme that will foster critical and inventive thinking to prepare our students to be future ready. 


Design & Technology is a compulsory coursework-based subject that is conducted modularly at the Lower Secondary level. 

By the end of the 2-year programme, the students will experience the design-and-make process in progressive demand to develop their thinking skills, to analyse design contexts on digital platforms collaboratively and to gain basic working knowledge of technology on materials, workshop processes and electronics. 

Adopting Project-based Learning as the pedagogical approach for curriculum delivery, students hone their synthesizing skills through research, making connections to the collated data for decision making and acquisition of practical skills to manipulate a range of materials, equipment and basic technology to manage a design project to its completion. 

Harnessing their creativity to conceptualise and generate imaginative ideas, students develop their creative minds as they combine their practical skills to make appropriately interesting artefacts in response to the design situation.  

In addition to acquiring graphical skills to communicate their design intent, students also learn computer-aided design software to create interesting 3D models and develop their visual-spatial thinking skills.  Students will also develop their confidence and pride as they turn ideas into a reality.