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Sec 2 VIA 11 Jan 2018, the Secondary Two students participated in newspaper collection in the Dakota neighbourhood. The newspaper collected was sent to a recycling plant and the funds raised were donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation. The Secondary Two students were enthusiastic and worked tirelessly in teams and eventually, they collected a total of 3300 kilogrammes of newspapers and 1250 kilogrammes of old clothes. Due to their hard work, they managed to raise a total of $955 for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.   

Sec 2 VIA 11 Jan 1.JPGSec 2 VIA 11 Jan 2.JPG

Sec 2 VIA 11 Jan 3.JPG

Sec 4 VIA On 18 Jan 2018, the Secondary Four students were given the opportunity to promote a lifelong cause to the Secondary One students.  Through this project, the Secondary Four students have learnt the importance of giving back to the society and how important their commitment to society is. Through their creative ideas, the Secondary Four shared important messages to their juniors and motivate the Secondary One students to commit to their causes.  At the end of the project, our students learnt about commitment and communication which will help them continue with their advocacy for meaningful causes.  

Sec 4 VIA 18 Jan 2.jpgSec 4 VIA 18 Jan.jpg

On 13 Jan 2018, the Secondary Four students also supported Thong Chai Institute of Medical Research Flag Day to raise funds. With their enthusiasm, the Secondary Four students gave their best to seek for donations from members of the public on a Saturday morning. 

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