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Education and Career Guidance (ECG)


Dear S4 Graduates, you are strongly encouraged to explore possible education and career pathways using “What’s Next’ and the resources below.

 It is good to discuss your plans with your parents, teachers and ECG counselor. 

You can also consider seeking consultation with our school’s ECG counselor, Ms Looi. Arrangement for consultation can be done via her email :  looi_yuin_yi@moe.gov.sg

Click here to download ECG Centre at Grange Road.
Click here to download Packed for Transit Booklet For Students.
Click here to download THE NEXT STEP.
Click here to download What's Next Post 'O' Level.


Dear parents, a set of resources has been prepared for you to discuss post-secondary education options with your child.

Click here to download the Journeying with Our Children, Achieving their Aspirations guide.
Click here to download the Praise Your Child guide.
Click here to download the Supporting Your Child's Transition guide.
Click here to book an appointment with our ECG Counsellor.