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2018 iChef Competition-RP Hospitality Race

We are pleased to share that our school team emerged Champions for this year's  iChef Competition – RP Hospitality Race!

Team Wifi won against an unprecendented number of entries in this year's competition, yet the boys showed courage and grit in overcoming all odds in presenting a three-course party menu as well as an action plan for organising a welcome party for new RP students. The winning menu consists of the following :

Appetizer: Bubur Cha Cha Pie (Southeast Asian and Asian Culture)

Main Course: Spiced Lamb Quiche served warm with a sweet-spicy middle-eastern sauce (Middle Eastern, Asian, and Western culture)

Dessert: Ice Blended Kathira with dates (Pakistani Culture, Western Culture)

Attached is the article featured in today's Straits Times, as well as additional photographs.