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Secondary 3 Class Hosting Seniors from Tembusu Senior Activity Centre

On 28 August 2017, our Secondary 3 Integrity class hosted 28 seniors from Tembusu Senior Activity Centre as part of their Values-in-Action (VIA) activity. The class welcomed the seniors and brought them to our school computer lab, where our students conducted the Bingo game and the seniors were very excited when they got the “BINGO”. Each senior was assisted by a student to look out for the winning numbers and they had much joy interacting with one another.


The next programme was the students-led Health Promotion Board “Exercises for Seniors”. Students led the exercises with the guidance of HPB exercise videos and the seniors followed them. The seniors got up from their seats and began exercising with the students. Seniors were next shown the video excerpts of National Day Rally 2017 when PM Lee Hsien Loong talked about the war against diabetes. Seniors were reminded to take less sugar and to be proactive to do health checks.

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The seniors were then ushered to Lecture Hall 1 to enjoy performances from the students who performed playing ErHu, Guzheng and Piano. Other talented students put up team performances from their Dance and Wushu CCA. The seniors were thrilled by the performances and were served with some light snacks for refreshment. At the end of the VIA, the class presented bags of goodies as farewell gifts. The seniors expressed their gratitude and hope to come back to our school in the future. Well-done, 3 Integrity. You have done a great job by putting up a smile on every senior's face!  好学力行!

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