Direct School Admission (DSA) Exercise for 2021 Intake

Chung Cheng High School (Main) believes in nurturing good character and positive values in our students, to enable them to strive for and achieve their full potential in various domains. Our school has supported and will continue to support students with outstanding talents, including National Team or National Youth Team players of various sports, Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra and Singapore National Youth Orchestra. If you share our values and beliefs, we welcome you to join our big family.


We would like to invite all current Primary Six students (or equivalent), with achievements and talents in the areas we offer, to apply for admission to our school in the academic year of 2021 through the Direct School Admission (DSA) exercise.


Before applying, please note the following:

1)      Students who are successfully admitted to the school via DSA

➢        are expected to honour their commitment to the school for the entire duration of the programme, and participate in the activities related to the talent they are selected for from Year 1 to 4;

➢        will NOT be allowed to participate in the annual S1 Posting Exercise to opt for secondary schools;

➢        will NOT be allowed to transfer to another school after the release of the PSLE results.

2)      Students who are offered DSA places at our school MUST be eligible for the Express Stream, and MUST study Higher Chinese as Mother Tongue Language to secure the place.

3)      Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the student’s aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools’ academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent.



The following 3 categories of Talent Areas are open for DSA application for the 2021 intake, with corresponding Baseline Criteria:

Talent Areas Applicants should meet or excel in the following criteria:

Sports & Games



Table Tennis



  • Represented Singapore National Youth Team, Singapore Schools, or Junior Sports Academy in international or local competitions, and achieved outstanding performances or results; or


  • Represented their schools in SPSSC National School Games, or established organisations in equivalent championships, and achieved outstanding individual performance or results, or contributed positively to the team results (e.g. top 4 placing); or


  • Demonstrated outstanding potential through sports achievements (e.g. Outstanding Player, MVP award), sports leadership, athletic talents, and/or extensive training experiences

Performing Arts

Chinese Orchestra

Concert Band

  • Performed in the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra or Singapore National Youth Orchestra; or


  • Performed for their schools or established organisations at a local event (e.g. SYF Presentation) or public performances, with outstanding individual standards; or


  • Demonstrated outstanding potential through graded certification in their instruments, or high level of music playing experiences and trainings

Chinese Language

  • Have a strong command of Chinese Language in both spoken and written form; and


  • Have been taking Chinese or Higher Chinese as their Mother Tongue Language and doing consistently well for the recent P5 – P6 year school assessments; and


  • Attained commendable achievements in Chinese Language-related and/or Chinese Cultural events or competitions at National or International level



All DSA talents admitted to the school will be integrated into our system and culture like any other students, with equal opportunities to participate in the abundant programmes available. They will also be mentored and supported continuously by our key personnel and teachers throughout their four years in the school. In addition, they will have access to the multi-faceted programmes and activities organised for their respective CCA or talent areas.

Talent Areas Programmes
For Sports & Games and Performing Arts DSA Talents:


Students will be directly admitted into their respective CCA without the need for trials or auditions, join their teams earlier, and be given opportunities to attend the unique experiential programmes organised for their CCA, as well as to represent the school in various competitions or performances.
For Chinese Language DSA Talents: Students will be given opportunities to participate in the many Chinese Language and Chinese Culture-related experiential and training programmes such as Overseas Immersion Learning Programmes to China. Going to Upper Secondary, Chinese Language DSA talents will offer Chinese Literature (Full or Elective) as an O-Level subject, and join the Chinese Language Elective Programme (Secondary) [CLEP-Sec] in the school. They will also be able to apply for CLEP scholarships if they are able to meet the selection criteria.



A DSA selection panel, including school leaders, will be formed to administer and oversee the DSA selection process, to ensure that it is transparent, objective, talent-specific, inclusiveness and student-centric.



  • All applicants will apply for DSA-Sec through a centralised MOE DSA-Sec Portal.
  • The application is free-of-charge and will be open from 12 May 2020 to 5 Jun 2020.
  • Only students who applied successfully in this stage can be considered for shortlisting and interview.
  • For more details, please refer to MOE website:


  • All registered applicants will be assessed and considered by the school based on the background information and according to the Baseline Criteria as listed in Section A.
  • Upon assessing all applicants, those who meet the Section A Baseline Criteria will be shortlisted and invited to attend a Video Conference Selection Exercise.


Applicants who are shortlisted for the VC Selection Exercise will be informed of the details of the interview, the performance tasks (if applicable), the schedule and setup preparation required by the primary schools. The VC Selection Exercise will consist of interviews conducted via video-conferencing, as well as some performance tasks required for some talent areas, as follows:

Talent Area VC Components Performance Task
Badminton ☑    Interview NA
Basketball ☑    Interview NA
Table Tennis ☑    Interview NA
Volleyball ☑    Interview NA
Wushu ☑    Performance Task

☑    Interview

(Both Performance Task and Interview will be conducted in the same VC session)

☑    To prepare and perform 1 Quanshu or 1 Weapon routine, and specific actions
Chinese Orchestra ☑    Performance Task

☑   Interview

(Both Performance Task and Interview will be conducted in the same VC session)

☑    To perform 2 contrasting pieces on the instrument, with total time of 5 to 10 minutes
Concert Band ☑    Performance Task

☑   Interview

(Both Performance Task and Interview will be conducted in the same VC session)

☑    To perform 2 contrasting pieces on the instrument, with total time of 5 to 10 minutes
Chinese Language ☑    Performance Task

☑   Interview

(Both Performance Task and Interview will be conducted in the same VC session)

☑    To perform 1 to 2 basic writing and oral tasks with total time of 5 to 10 minutes



The key dates to note for your DSA application are as follows:

Key Dates Processes
12 May 2020, 9am


5 Jun 2020, 3pm


Applicants apply for DSA-Sec through centralised MOE DSA-SEC Portal. Go to

1 Jul 2020


14 Sep 2020

Shortlist & Interview

1)      All applicants are assessed and considered by the school

2)      Shortlisted applicants are invited for a Video Conference Selection Exercise

3)      Shortlisted applicants attend a Video Conference Selection Exercise

By 14 Sep 2020 Selection Outcome

All applicants will be informed of the outcome via an email or letter from the school (stating Confirmed Offer, Wait List, or Unsuccessful).

26 to 30 Oct 2020


School Preference Submission

Parents with DSA-Sec offer to log in to the DSA-Sec Portal to submit their school preferences.

25 to 27 Nov 2020*


Result Release

Students in MOE mainstream schools receive DSA-Sec results together with PSLE results through their primary schools. Others receive results via email.


For more information regarding DSA for Secondary Schools, please visit MOE Website at