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School Song


曰吾中正  至大至刚
矗立星洲  巍巍昂昂
华夏声教  广披炎荒
欧印文明  他山之长
好学力行  知耻是倡
日新月异  不息自强
止於至善  万国同光
大哉中正  悠久无疆  

Our School Song (Translation)  

Overlooking the eastern shore of Singapore, 
Gallantly stands the magnificent Chung Cheng of ours.
Spreading far and wide our cultural heritage and traditions, 
Enriching it with the best of all great civilizations, 
By this we fulfil our mission.
With enthusiasm and perseverance we strive 
To achieve moral virtues and excellence. 
With new knowledge and wisdom we seek 
To constantly reinforce our confidence.
To be the best we can be, 
Our success and glory we share 
With people of all countries. 
To eternity we perpetuate 
The aspirations of our magnificent Chung Cheng, 
Far beyond all boundaries.