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School Achievements 2014 (JAN− OCT)


CCA Competition / Event Achievement
Badminton East Zone Badminton Inter-School Tournament 2014 C Division Girls  - 4th 
Basketball  East Zone Basketball Competition 2014
B Division Girls - 4th 
Table Tennis East Zone Championship 2014
B Division Boys - 3rd
B Division Girls - 2nd
C Division Boys - 3rd 
C Division Girls - 2nd 
Track & Field  40th Singapore Youth and Junior Athletics Championships (2014) Top 3 Positions in the Boys 800m Development (U15) Race
1. Nicholas Lian (2 Modesty) – Rewritten the Championship Record for the race
2. Ng Jia Jin (2 Justice)
3. Lucas Cheng (2 Grace)
  National Inter-School Cross-Country Championship 2014 Individual 8th Placing (B Girls) - Jillian See (4 Integrity)

Team 9th Placing (C Boys)
  National Inter-School Track and Field Championship 2014
Silver Medal (3000m B Girls Final) – Jillian See (4 Integrity)

Bronze Medal (800m C Boys Final) – Ng Jia Jin (2 Justice) 

Top 8 (4 x 100 m C Girls Final) – Lee Yi Fang (1 Justice), Gan Jia Lin (1 Loyalty), Chua Min (2 Empathy), Claire Lee Jia Qi (2 Forgiveness)
  SPH Schools Relay Championship 2014  Gold Medal (4 x 800 m C Boys) - Yew Jia Gin (2 Forgiveness), Cheng Jia Rui Lucas (2 Grace), Ng Jia Jin (2 Justice), Nicholas Lian Yock Chuan (2 Modesty)
Wushu National Inter-School Wushu Competition 2014
B Division Boys - 1st
B Division Girls - 2nd
C Division Boys -  2nd
C Division Girls - 3rd

Uniform Groups

CCA Competition / Event Achievement
National Police Cadet Corps
Unit Overall Proficiency Award 2013
 SPF-NPCC Badge Presentation Ceremony
Darren Chua Shao Xuan (4 Harmony)
Elizabeth Chew Ting Xin (4 Harmony)
Hew Kai Zhe (4 Benevolence)
Hoe Chang Shen (4 Justice)
Koh Rose Shan (4 Diligence)
Kon Wen Xuan (4 Diligence)
Kwa Jun Qi (4 Benevolence)
Ng Jun Wei Clement (4 Loyalty)
Teng Lin Chiat (4 Benevolence)
Teng Ming Xuan (4 Empathy)
Zhu Meihang (4 Forgiveness) 
 Area 11 Games Day (2013)
 Unit Overall Proficiency Award - Silver (2013)
 National Cadet Corps
 Best Unit Competition 2013
 Gold Award
 Freestyle Drills Competition (East)
 Frank Cooper Sands Award 2013
 Girl Guides
 Puan Noor Aishah award
Gold PNA award for CCHM COY 1
Gold PNA award for CCHM COY 2 
 St John Ambulance Brigade
 Corp Achievement Award 2013
Zonal First Aid, Foot Drill and Home Nursing Competition
  • Ambulance Cadet Category 
  • Ambulance Adult Category 
  • Nursing Cadet Category  
 3rd Runner-up
 1st Runner-up
 1st Runner-up
 2 x Merit
 Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme
 Awarded the Chief Commissioner’s Badge
Angie Chew Li Ying (4 Modesty)
Abigail Chloe Chew (4 Grace)
Lee See Yeow Daniel (4 Modesty)
Ng Yun Shuen (4 Integrity)

Clubs & Societies

CCA Competition / Event Achievement
YF Arts Presentation
Chinese Drama Club
Certificate of Distinction
 Chinese Orchestra
Certificate of Accomplishment 
Certificate of Accomplishment   
 Concert Band
Certificate of Accomplishment   
 English Drama Society
 Certificate of Distinction
  Certificate of Distinction
Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Exhibition 2014
Certificate of Recognition
Adrienne Pang (Alumni 2012)
Kenneth Teoh (Alumni 2013)
Lin Shiau Yu (Alumni 2013)             
 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Exhibition 2014
Certificate of Participation 
Yen Pin Fang (2 Grace)
Lin Yingqi (2 Grace) 
 Dance Club
 Dance Talent Development Programme 2013 / 2014
 Lim Ying Hwee Caryn (3 Justice)
 Calligraphy & Chinese Painting
1 金, 7 银, 5 铜, 8优胜奖 
 Chinese Cultural Club
Radio Drama Competition 2014
严孝植 (三仁)
康嘉琦 (二勤)
温名扬 (一诚) 
 Research Club @CCHMS
 National Earthquake Competition 2014 – Merit Award
Foo Zhen Lin (4 Loyalty)
 Tan Yong Han Linus (4 Harmony)
Tan Jung Wei Marcus (4 Grace)
Alvin Loo Yi Wei (3 Modesty)
 Clean Water Challenge 2014 – Merit Award
 Song Yuan (4 Benevolence)
Lee Yu Jie (4 Diligence)
Ong Rui En Zephaniah (4 Empathy)
Yu Chin Han (4 Empathy)


Others Awards Recipients List
National Story Challenge 2014
Stefanie Tan Kai Ying (2 Harmony)
VJC 7th Invitational Secondary School Mathematics Quiz 2014 
 Overall Champion
Tan Yee Jian (3 Benevolence)
Liu Rongxing (3 Benevolence)
Wang Yaning (3 Benevolence)
Ong Ming Chung (3 Benevolence)
 Yan Xiaozhi (3 Benevolence) 
Lou Yukai (3 Benevolence)
 RGS_Naturel Cook Off 2014
1st Runner Up
Li Yutong  (2 Modesty)
Wu Weiting (2 Justice)
Chong Kai Jie (2 Modesty)
 中文广播剧创作比赛 2014
严孝植 Yan Xiao Zhi (3 Benevolence)
康嘉琪 Kang Jia Qi (2 Diligence)
温名扬 Wen Ming Yang (1 Integrity)