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Bi-cultural Programme

The Bicultural Programme seeks to provide opportunities for students to be immersed in activities that will enhance their global awareness and cross-cultural competencies, such as understanding national and cultural identity, developing socio-cultural sensitivity and awareness, which are all essential competencies required in the 21st century. The programmes and activities also offer a balanced outlook of the East and West that is anchored in tradition and yet contemporary and forward-looking. 

Bicultural Education & the “Five Minds”  
In line with the school’s Educational Framework which adopts Howard Gardner’s “Five Minds for the Future” as its theoretical underpinning, the Bicultural Programme seeks to nurture students who possess the following: 
thinking-red.jpg Disciplined Mind:
Understand different cultures and be adept at cross-cultural navigation.
thinking-gold.jpg  Synthesising Mind: 
Make sense of qualities and viewpoints across cultures and assimilate (their) strengths .
Creating Mind:
Integrate characteristics of different cultures to derive a unique blend.
Respectful Mind: 
Value diversity among different cultures.
thinking-white.jpg Ethical Mind: 
Make responsible decisions based on understanding of other cultures and contribute actively to cross-cultural exchanges.

Programme Structure

The Bicultural Programme is structured into four main categories for the masses and the talented.
Examples of these categories are listed below:

1. Formal Curriculum
  • Bilingual Speech & Drama Programme     
  • Appreciation of Chinese Culture (ACC)
  • Translation Module (for Talent Development) (see below)

2. SAP Flagship Programme
  • Bicultural Media Fest
  • Chinese Media Studies (see below)

3. East Zone Centre of Excellence (CL) Activities
  • Bicultural Lifestyle Reading Club

4. Local & Overseas Immersion Programmes
 a. Level Camps
  • Bicultural Camp (see below)
 b. Overseas Immersion Programmes
  • Flagship Programme Nanyang – Chung Cheng Collaboration @ Fudan (NYCCFU) (see below)

Translation Module (for Talent Development)


All lower Secondary Talent Development (Chinese) students go through a two-year Translation Module. The objectives of the module include:

  1. to cultivate students’ interest in translation (for EL and CL).
  2. to enable students to apply fundamental theories and strategies of translation.
  3. to develop students’ understanding and appreciation of biculturalism
  4. to develop 21st century competencies (communication skills, critical thinking, creative thinking, cross-cultural competencies, etc.)
Students are engaged in authentic activities and tasks which provide opportunities for collaboration and self-directed learning, such as looking out for examples of translation in their living environment, be they from public signs, menus, brochures or advertisements etc, and discussing how they can improve these translated texts. Leveraging on the advantage of Singapore being a melting pot of cultures, the module also places an emphasis on our unique local culture and translation within such a context.

Bicultural Camp


The Bicultural Camp is a level camp held annually, which aims to:
a. develop cross-cultural literacy by enhancing awareness and appreciation of the Chinese and Western cultures.
b. promote active learning and critical thinking through cross-cultural comparisons and inferences.
c. help students build confidence by communicating and navigating effectively across cultures. 
d. enhance the Chung Cheng spirit and strengthen class-bonding.

During the camp, students participate in activities designed to facilitate dialogue and deep reflections to build students’ cultural intelligence, such as a series of workshops on Chinese and western social graces, fine dining and tea etiquette, Singapore coffee culture and its evolution, traditional Chinese medicinal diet and bicultural architecture. All these workshops seek to draw comparisons between different aspects of the Eastern and Western cultures.

The highlight of the camp is the ‘Chinatown Crossover!’ Bicultural Heritage Trail, which aims to heighten students’ awareness of Singapore’s unique heritage and how cultures influence one another. Students are assigned tasks during the trail to reinforce and extend the knowledge acquired during the talks and workshops.

As with most level camps, a physical component is incorporated to help students appreciate the merits of teamwork and a collaborative spirit.  Dragon Boating is chosen as it is a traditional Chinese sport with strong cultural roots which has since transcended boundaries and is enjoyed by many in Asia as well as western countries.

At the end of the camp, students are required to consolidate and synthesise their learning and reflections in the form of fashion or architectural design.  This provides a platform for infusion of biculturalism into the aesthetics, thereby promoting collaboration across disciplines.

Chinese Media Studies


Chung Cheng High School (Main) offers a series of programmes to get our students acquainted with the different aspects of media knowledge and skills progressively from Secondary 1 to 4.

Chinese film-making courses are offered by the Secondary 1 and 2 Chinese Talent Development Programme, which focuses on news coverage and drama production. As for the broad-based programmes, elementary courses and workshops on video production (micro-films and animation), professional sharing and talks are conducted regularly to enhance students’ media literacy. 

As the only school which offers Media Studies in Chinese as an ‘O’ Level subject, we have facilities such as an iMac Laboratory and professional equipment to support students in video production. Many of our alumni continue to pursue their interest in this discipline after moving on to polytechnics or universities.

Through the years, the school has nurtured distinguished alumni who now work for the media industry, such as Kristine Lim 林稚瑛(晨光第一线), Iriana Halim 林有懿(狮城有约)and Chung Kun Wah 钟坤华(93.3 FM). 

Since 2014, we have been sending all students taking the ‘O’ Level Media Studies in Chinese for internship programmes in MediaCorp, which provides them with the opportunity to be immersed in an authentic media working environment. 

Recent Achievements

 20169th National Chinese Short Film Competition for Secondary School 
1. Online Most Voted Short Film


2. Best Chinese Short Film '3rd Prize' 


2016VOX! New Media Workshop 2016 (VOX!新媒体新闻工作坊2016)Best in News Reporting(最佳新闻短片奖)
 2015National Chinese Short Film Competition for Secondary Schools(全国中学生华语短片制作比赛 ) Top 4
2015Inaugural ‘My Singapore Story’ Micro Film Competition (Most Popular Micro-Film)1st Runner-up
20146th National Chinese News Production Competition(第六届全国华语新闻短片制作大赛)   Top 4


Chung Cheng Collaboration @ Fudan

NYCCFU is a five-week Extended Immersion Programme initiated by both Chung Cheng High School (Main) and Nanyang Girls’ High School, in collaboration with the High School Affiliated to Fudan University (HSFU) in Shanghai. Since November 2009, two groups of Secondary 3 students have been given the opportunity to
participate in our school's signature programme every year.

The five week long programme is divided into four components, namely: 

  1. Customised Curriculum on Chinese History, Culture and Language – Students attend lectures conducted by HSFU teachers on subjects such as China Topography and Geography, Chinese Classical Literature, Chinese Politics, Chinese Economy, Chinese Philosophy and Ideologies. Enrichment lessons related to Chinese Culture on Pottery, Chinese Opera and Wushu are also arranged for them. 

  2. Learning Journeys and Industrial Experiences – Students visit places of interest in Shanghai (Lu Xun Museum, Soong Ching Ling’s home and Shanghai Expo,etc), in Suzhou they visit the (International School and Industrial Park) and in Nanjing they visit the (Nanjing Massacre Memorial Museum to name a few). They learn about businesses in Shanghai through visits to industries like YHI International and Shanghai Automobile City.

  3. Class Immersion Programme – Students are given the opportunity to attend lessons with their buddies from HSFU as well as to participate in their school activities and events.

  4. Singapore Curriculum – Students are required to complete assigned projects related to their experiences during the programme as a form of consolidation of their learning. They are also given time to do their homework or do their own revision so as to keep up with school work.

Without a doubt, the objective to maximise learning opportunities beyond the classroom is achieved. The programme has increased students’ interest and awareness of the Chinese language, history, culture and literature as well as their understanding of the Singapore partnership and presence in China and China’s role in the modern world, both economic and otherwise. From their experience of living in a hostel and their interaction with their peers in Shanghai, students appreciate the differences and similarities in culture, lifestyle and education between them and the Chinese students. The varied experiences have helped them to develop skills like leadership, teamwork, independence and resilience and they have also learn the value of friendship.

The school is confident that the NYCCFU Programme not only fulfils the School Vision of “Institution of Eminence; Generation of Leaders; Grounded in Values; Global in Outlook”, it also meets the requirements of 2015 curriculum and the competencies of the 21st century.




Guo Xuan (2012 Sec 3 Benelovence)
The 5-week experience in China was certainly an eye-opening one for me. Hostel life was something refreshing to all of us, and it trained us to be independent and to look out for one another. The class immersion offered us a platform to interact with local students. We were also able to see how similar, and yet how different their lessons were from ours. The industrial visits allowed us to gain an insight into how large Singapore-based TNCs operate in China. Excursions to various attractions in Shanghai, Suzhou and Nanjing were also something everyone looked forward to. I must say that the 5 weeks passed by very quickly but it was undoubtedly the highlight of my 4 years in Chung Cheng.