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Short term benefit 
To produce a beautiful, healthy, singing tone through the understanding of elongation and pronunciation of sung vowels, principles of resonance and usage of different resonant sound-colours 

Long term benefit 
To attain a higher appreciation of how to evaluate quality performance – to combine music, singing, teamwork and discipline to create refined art 

Knowledge/ Skills  
Sec 1: Apply healthy phonation, vowel/consonant pronunciation, and resonance concepts to balancing parts and harmonies with other sections    

Sec 2: Achieve the ability to sight-sing level-appropriate music – sing from first view on musical notation or varying degrees of difficulty 

Sec 3: Gain a greater understanding of poetry and understanding the factors involved in assessing a good text for Choral Singing 

Sec 4: Become knowledgeable in singing/choral practice by performing and assessing performance of self and others

Attitude & Values
Sec 1: To learn and perform music to enjoy and share with others  

Sec 2:  To be able to sing on pitch – develop students' range particularly the boys as they much opportunity to sing melody since they use an instrument that is changing all the time.

Sec 3: To understand the meaning of harmonization through unison singing, ostinato, layering, descant, partner songs, polyphonic and homophonic songs to reinforce part singing (+ listening)

Sec 4: To strive to increase audience size through appropriate repertoire, high standard of performance and diverse publicity

Outcome Goals: (what students will acquire or learn)

  1. Apply healthy phonation, vowel/consonant pronunciation, and resonance concepts to balancing parts and harmonies with other sections
  2. Build personal relations skills with others through collaborative rehearsals and performance situations
  3. Perform a varied repertoire of music from diverse styles, cultures and historical background and where concert performances will provide a varied repertoire around a central theme
Process Goals:(what you will do to work towards the targets)
  1. Liaise with external organization and schools for their required type of vocal repertoire to achieve the objectives of the Values In Action Arts Project and Schools’ performances
  2. Discuss with the choir instructors regarding suitable, varied and contrasting vocal repertoire to stretch the choir’s strengths in vocal technique
  3. Conduct weekly sectional practices with the assistance of the Choir Committee members to identify and reinforce areas for improvement and strengths for every choir member

Training Schedule

Wednesday, 3:00 – 5:00 pm
Friday, 3:00 – 5:30 pm