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Wushu: National School Games Championship 2017

We are proud to announce that the results for the National School Games Wushu Championship 2017 

B Division Boys - Overall National 1st (Champion), Group Quanshu - Gold, Group Weapon - Gold
Broadsword (1st Intl) 4th
Broadsword (2nd Intl) Gold ,4th
Changquan (1st Intl) Bronze, 4th
Changquan (2nd Intl) Silver
Cudgel (1st Intl) Silver
Cudgel (2nd Intl) Silver, 4th
Nan Gun (1st Intl) 4th
Nanquan (1st Intl) 4th
Spear (1st Intl) Gold
Spear (2nd Intl) Silver
Sword (1st Intl) Gold
Sword (2nd Intl) Silver

B Division (Girls) - Overall National 2nd, Group Quanshu - Silver & Group Weapon 4th
Broadsword (2nd Intl) Bronze
Changquan (1st Intl) Bronze
Changquan (2nd Intl) Silver
Cudgel (2nd Intl) 4th
Nan Dao (1st Intl) Bronze
Spear (2nd Intl) Silver, 4th
Sword (1st Intl) Silver, Bronze
Sword (2nd Intl) Gold, Bronze

 C Division (Girls) - National 3rd Placing Group Quanshu – Bronze Style 

42-Taiji Sword (1st Intl) Bronze 
Taijiquan (1st Intl) 4th
Duan Broadsword Bronze
Duan Changquan Silver
Duan Cudgel Bronze
Duan Nanquan Silver
Duan Spear Silver
Duan Sword 4th
Cudgel (1st Intl) 4th
Sword (1st Intl) Bronze, 4th

C Division (Boys) - National 5th Placing, Group Quanshu – Silver
42-Style Taiji Sword (1st Intl) 4th 
5-Duan Sword 4th 
Spear (1st Intl) Bronze
Sword (1st Intl) Bronze, 4th